Touring Exhibition Plein Air

08.12. — 11.12.2015
European Parliament Brussels

Hans-Peter Müller intuitively deals with the political remnants of a socialist past in his installation "core question”. Books with the writings of one Otto Grothewohl with red bookmarks hanging from them are held together by means of a screw clamp, as a wedge is driving them apart. The words core questions prudent agree ment & fight for the are trying to arrange themselves between two transparent disks. On a portable (handheld) object, “portmanteau words” blend together and become BLAUSITZ [B-Lausitz/Lusatia with the new meaning blau + Sitz (blue seat/headquarters) or RUHRTIBET, another example. Ultimately, the artist sells “Denktafeln” [commemorative plaques] in Görlitz and elsewhere. How far have we come from the avant garde gesture of yesteryear, where fertile ground for innovation was perceived even in discontinuity, in the caesura? The artist welcomes controversy.

Eisenberg 5
58452 Witten
Phone 02302/53517